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Advocacy Corner

There are various events that youth can host to uphold DIU's mission! While we primarily focus on hosting our speaker series event, we also promote other types of advocacy, such as art advocacy, social media campaigns, legislative action, and writing. Feel free to check out our Advocacy Corner subsections for more information. We are open to new advocacy ideas! Let your creativity run free when it comes to advocacy! Please contact our Creative Design Director, Allinah, to add your art advocacy on our Chapter Leader only art corner.

Legislative Action/Community Events

The DIU Speaker Series Event is an example of a community focused event that is structured to directly impact the community through it's engaging structure. Other examples of community events are: hosting a cultural fair at your school, collaborating with the BSU club at your school to host a DIU event or field trip for the club members, creating a diversity mural at your school, fundraising/hosting a tabling event in your community, hosting a "Diversity Spirit Week" at your school, collaborating with your school's leadership program to host a short lesson on the harms of stereotypes. Examples of legislative action that DIU Chapter Leaders can take are: writing a request for a proclamation for mental health awareness to voice out on the harms of stereotypes in schools, proposing the speaker series event to the local school board, meeting with your local legislator to create a community event that encourages diversity, etc.


Art Advocacy

DIU Chapter Leaders can publish pictures of their art (3D, hand-drawn, painting, creative design, etc.) on our Art Corner page. Additionally, ideas to advocate for DIU's mission with art are: hosting an art competition in your community that has participants create a piece of art that demonstrates the harms of stereotypes and the benefits of a diverse community.

Writing Advocacy

DIU Chapter Leaders can publish their writing and/or blog on our Blog Corner! Other ways to advocate through writing are: holding a debate competition at your school on the importance of representation in careers, creating a writing competition for your community.

Social Media Campaign

Social media is a powerful tool that can be used to impact hundreds of thousands of people! Through producing a social media series (4 posts, 1 TikTok reel, 1 giveaway) on the effects of stereotypes on youth mental health and why the world needs more representation in careers, you can make a huge impact! Education is the solution to ignorance. Advertise your campaign on DIU's Instagram, your school's Instagram, and local organizations' Instagram.

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