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A youth-led organization that strives to educate communities on the harms of stereotypes and empower youth to pursue underrepresented careers

Shaping the future through education:

DyeversityInUs strives to educate communities on the harms of stereotypes and empower youth to pursue underrepresented careers. DyeversityInUs' Youth Executive Board and Student Diversity Ambassadors lead the chapters across the nation. Our goal is to empower youth in the United States to pursue underrepresented career paths for a more diverse future. Through education and community projects, our organization is fighting against stereotypes that prevent youth from their dreams and inspiring communities to break past these stereotypes to pursue their future.

Join the change

01. DyeversityInUs Speaker Series

Calling all allies/staff/adults! Do you want to bring positive role models and change into your local school(s)? The DyeversityInUs Speaker Series is our event project where professionals from underrepresented career fields inspire communities to take initiative for their future. This event also presents our lesson on the harms of stereotypes. Read about this project here. Learn more and sign up to present this event to your school/group here!

02. Join as a DyeversityInUs Chapter Leader

Chapter leaders make a difference in their communities as leaders. For more information, please visit the 'Chapter Leaders' section here.

03. Political Change

Our organization encourages youth to partake in political action to advocate for global issues. We support those who want to make a change in their community. For community/political change/personal resources, please visit our 'Resources' page here.


We are looking for students passionate in becoming Chapter Leaders and as our new Youth Directors

DyeversityInUs Featured on Aragon High School's Video News (0:56-4:09)

Our Impactful Initiatives 

Speaker Series 

The speaker series not only educates the community on the harms of stereotypes that our present in the world, but also ignites the ambition in the next generation, through the knowledge from professionals in underrepresented careers. The participants will be able to gain insight on the experience and stories of the trailblazing professionals who have made progress toward empowering the future of America. There will be a Q&A portion at the end, where the speakers will answer questions from the event participants. Overall, the participants will be able to receive support to build their future from this event.

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