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Youth Board

Meet our Youth Executive Board. Comprised of passionate and driven young minds from the Bay Area, they lead the charge in shaping our organization's vision.

Founder & Executive Director

Emily Peng (founding member)

I decided to start this organization because I saw hate and stereotypes, specifically the Asian American Model Minority Myth, racial discrimination, and sexist comments, being thrown out at students in my school. It's not right that people in my community are being stereotyped and judged. These brief moments of discrimination force people to question their own identity. Additionally, when I was interested in pursuing politics, none of my family members had any experience in that career path, and Asian American politicians currently account for a miniscule proportion of the United States government. So I didn't have many people to look up to when I was discovering my future career. It's these small harmful moments of hate and effects of disproportionate ratios in underrepresented careers that destroy the ambition and self-esteem of youth to pursue their career dreams today. Youth are the next generation leaders, and they deserve to receive support and opportunities to pursue the careers they want. I believe that when youth work together to bring the same uplifting mission, we can empower the DyeversityInUs.

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Nyla Garrick (founding member)

Finance Director

Aarav Parihar (founding member)

I am Aarav Parihar, an Indian immigrant with a profound love for engineering and sciences. My dedication to DyversityInUs stems from a shared commitment to fostering inclusivity and breaking down barriers, particularly for minority communities in the scientific realm. As someone who has experienced the effects of discrimination firsthand, I understand the importance of challenging stereotypes and creating opportunities based on merit rather than background. DyversityInUs provides a platform to advocate for awareness and embrace diversity in all its forms, aligning perfectly with my aspirations to contribute positively to our society.

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Technology Director

Soham Kukday (founding member)

Growing up in a household of Indian immigrants, I was raised with certain values that taught me to always care for and help anyone in need. Throughout my life, I have witnessed various firsthand accounts of racial stereotyping and general discrimination, whether it was a stranger on the street I never met or even my closest friend. By joining DyeversityInUs, I can fix the problems in my community and hopefully beyond just where I live; through this organization, people of all different backgrounds can interact peacefully and work together to make our world a better place.

Marketing Director

Guhan Gopinathan (founding member)

My parents moved to the United States from India, bringing their culture, tradition, and virtues. Being an Indian kid, and leading myself in a different place, has shown me the value of uniqueness and new perspectives. Yet it has led to me witnessing stereotypes and discrimination, including people having dreams that they are told “they can’t achieve.” I joined DyeversityInUs to create a better community for me and people who are different from me. I want all of us to respect each other’s dreams and goals, regardless of who they are, creating our world a better place.

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Programs Director

Julie Zhu (founding member)

My dedication to social change stems from my upbringing, characterized by the subtle microaggressions and stereotypes I was indoctrinated with all throughout my youth. Growing up in a culturally diverse district of the Bay Area, it was upsetting to see myself and other students of color become disheartened by statistics and stereotypes that invalidated their ambitions. As I familiarized myself with current news and politics, I realized that change is necessary—and attainable, beginning with our generation of youth leaders. In joining DyeversityInUs, I intend to make progress in materializing diversity in career fields, media, and much more, through educating our community on overlooked aspects of prejudice, supporting those who are disproportionately impacted by various injustices, and directing our society toward a path of inclusivity. 

Creative Design Director

Allinah Zhan (founding member)

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