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Chapter Leaders

DyeversityInUs' passionate Student Diversity Ambassadors lead the chapters across the nation. The Student Diversity Ambassadors lead their local DyeversityInUs chapter and present various community projects to their community.

The future belongs to those who have the will-power and passion to create change. Here at DyeversityInUs, we work with the passionate Chapter Leaders who are called, Student Diversity Ambassadors, to further spread the organization's mission to all communities. Student Diversity Ambassadors believe in the core values of the organization and strive to make change in the world. Student Diversity Ambassadors care about the future of the youth in America. Through making changes in their community, they work with our team to create their own Action Plan, an outline of the projects and events (Different types of advocacy! e.g. art competitions, cultural fairs, speaker events, talent shows, speech/writing, photography, poster campaigns, etc.) that they will plan to execute in their community. The ways to start change for Chapter Leaders are endless, you can even suggest more ideas. Interested? 


To apply to become a Student Diversity Ambassador, visit our 'Apply' subsection under the "Get Involved" section.

DIU Chapter Leaders (Student Diversity Ambassadors)

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May Lin
Redwood City, CA, Class of 2027
May Lin is a high schooler from the Bay Area who loves writing, public speaking, and traveling! She is passionate to make change because she wants to normalize and appreciate career paths that are stigmatized in certain community. Our youth must weave themselves into industries that are traditionally taboo and defy the stereotypes that define us, in order for our society to continue to advance. May's favorite snack is Lay's barbeque chips!


Jonathan Edwards
Redwood City, CA, Class of 2027
I am an Asian American that grew up in an only Asian household. I have experience is all different aspects of life and my interests include physicality(sports, bodybuilding, recovery)medical(biomedical, nutrition, psychology) and marketing. I genuinely believe that diversity is a problem that is fixable and it starts from spreading the word. My favorite snack would be something refreshing mostly consisting of fruits.

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Poorna Sairam
San Jose, CA, Class of 2027
Poorna Sairam is a highschooler at Prospect High School in Saratoga, California. She is very excited to be a part of this program and work with the rest of the team to make a change in her community. She finds balance in her life through sports (as a part of her high school volleyball & basketball team), music, art, community leadership, and academic rigor. Her passions align with the mission and values fostered by DyeversityInUs and she looks forward to being an active contributor this year! Poorna will also never say no to a bucket of popcorn when offered. :)

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Marisol Guevara
Salinas, CA, Class of 2025
My interest is to make the community a better place. I would to passionate to change because I realize the more effort we put in the more we have able to change it. It is important to speak up for ourself because that’s what we need to be able to be hear by different people. My favorite snack is gushers.

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Mira Jiang
Thousand Oaks, CA, Class of 2027
Simply put, I want to join DyeversityInUs because I want to promote diversity. I want to contribute to my future, countless other youth's futures, America's future, and the world's future. I firmly believe diversity from schools to workforces is extremely valuable and crucial for diverse and represented career paths. Through DyeversityInUs, I want to work alongside other youth who have similar vision as me and who know that promoting this diversity is achievable and very much pivotal for a better future for everyone.

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Katie Fernandez
San Mateo, CA, Class of 2028

I love to journal and express my opinions to others, I always tend to be very open-minded. I am very passionate about making a change even if it is a small one as long as I have a couple of listeners willing to stand up to make that change. Youths need to speak up because we can change our community and make a difference every day. My favorite snack is a chocolate chip granola bar:)

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Hsien-En Wu
Fremont, CA, Class of 2027

Being raised in the Bay Area and Silicon Valley, my family was in the upper middle class. During my young age, I never realized other people have been treated differently based on their background. Until my mom showed me a video of children in poor countries starving to death and trying to get their hands on anything. This made me filled with empathy and compassion for the world. So, whenever I see homeless and low-income people, it makes me want to help them. I believe that it is important for young people to speak up because this is our future, and we should let those in power and the older generation dictate our future. We have a voice and it is more powerful than anything. Our voice can change someone's future, but if we don't use it, they may never know what that future could look like. My favorite snack is veggie sticks because they look healthy, but they are actually not.

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Joyce Ling
Fremont, CA, Class of 2026
I am interested in writing a book and publishing it, I am also interested in traveling the world and experiencing different cultures. I am passionate in making a change because that is the only way I will be able to see my impact in the world, whether it is a big or small change. It is important for youths to speak up because this is the world we have to live in for the next 80 plus years, and it will be horrible if we are living in a world that we do not like. So speaking up can help change somethings to make living more enjoyable. My favorite snack is sour patch kids!

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Ricardo Owen-Regalado
Salinas, CA, Class of 2025

Something to know about me is that I like meeting new people and finding friends. Activities like sports and video games interest me as well. Another thing about me is that I love winter because I like the setting/vibe and I find it comforting being able to stay wrapped in blankets. In addition, I like to socialize with people and share ideas because I believe that the best outcomes come from collaboration. Moreover, I'm passionate about making a change because there are still issues within our nation that cause prejudices and unfair opportunities. It is unfair that people are still being discriminated against for simply being humans. For this reason, I want to make an impact by trying to solve issues like these. In a generation of social media, it is important for youth to speak up because access to wide populations has become more obtainable. When not only adults, but kids speak upon an issue, people begin to realize the importance of a certain effect. On another note, my favorite snack would have to be quesadillas with pepperoni. Despite sounding fairly odd, they taste really good.

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