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Our Mission

We are DyeversityInUs. A youth-led organization that strives to educate communities on the harms of stereotypes and empower youth to pursue underrepresented careers.

Stereotypes harm people. Stereotypes generalize people. The future can't be generalized. Youth should be able to pursue their futures without harmful stereotypes that put them into groups based on their identities and prevent them from believing in themselves. We believes that should be more representation in underrepresented careers, so the future generations have people who look like them as role models who break the stereotypes imposed upon minorities to empower the future.


The truth is in the data, that there is a disproportionate ratio of minority groups in a myriad of underrepresented careers. Everyone deserves to have a voice, and a future with diversity in careers will bring more representation to the careers that shape our world. Diversity in the workforce will benefit everyone, not just minorities, because it creates a deeper level of understanding and brings the various experiences of the people in America. Starting with the youth today, who will help shape the world for a better tomorrow, we will all break the cycle of stereotypes to underrepresentation in careers to the creation of more stereotypes because of the underrepresentation in careers. Through the leadership of the Chapter Leaders and teachers, who bring the future to middle school and high school students, we will educate the next generation leaders about the monolith of stereotypes through community action plans and events. We will fill that gap of the disproportionate ratio of underrepresented careers. Our organization strives for a more diverse future with different racial groups, genders, sexualities, religions, disabilities etc. accounting for a larger ratio of underrepresented careers.

The future is in us. Empower DyeversityInUs.

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